Adoption Support provides vital care before, during, and after an adoption to ensure the success of the family. KID provides individual therapy for children, therapy for the entire family, and support groups for parents and children. For more information, please contact the Adoption Support Team at (954) 390-7654, x1254.

KID_Family ServicesCoordinated Family Services (CFS) is a collaborative program with the Broward Addiction Recovery Center (BARC) and The Glass House offering multiple services needed for successful family reunification with the support of a coordinator. Referrals for CFS can be made through ChildNet. Please contact (954) 414-6000 for additional information.

KID_Foster Brwd&PBKID Foster Care in Broward and Palm Beach Counties provides short- and long-term care to children that have entered the dependency system. As the largest foster care provider in Broward and Palm Beach counties, the KID Foster Care program serves children with love and support while case workers assist the birth family towards their goal of reunification or permanency.

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KID FirstThe KID FIRST (Family Intervention Response & Support Team) Program is an in-home family preservation program focusing on assisting families in crisis. Serving more than 500 families annually for an average of 3-4 months, family support counselors meet with each family on a weekly basis to teach parenting skills and provide case management and crisis intervention.

KID FIRST Achievements:

  • 98% of families who participated in KID FIRST decreased their experienced levels of parenting stress
  • 97%of families who participated in KID FIRST improved family functioning.


KID_HomebuildersKID HOMEBUILDERS® is an internationally recognized evidence-based program designed to strengthen families in order to prevent out-of-home child placements. KID HOMEBUILDERS® families served by this in-home model have children in imminent danger of removal due to child abuse, neglect, family conflict, juvenile delinquency, or other factors. Due to its intensive nature, KID HOMEBUILDERS® serves a maximum of 90 families annually. All families must be referred by Broward Sheriff’s Office Child Protective Services.

KID Achievements:

  • 87% of families who participated in KID HOMEBUILDERS® improved family functioning upon program completion.
  • 89% of families who previously had verified abuse findings were functional up to 6 months post-KID HOMEBUILDERS® program completion.

KID_KinshipKinship Support Services are provided throughout Broward County to extended family members or friends who have taken on the care and custody of someone else’s child. Many of these family members and friends live in poverty and were given or took responsibility of the children with little notice, and have limited financial or support resources. Because many of them have no legal custodial rights, this limits their ability to access medical care, public benefits, social services, childcare, legal aid and other information essential to the well-being of the children. Often caregivers have had to give up their jobs to care for the children; others have had difficulty maintaining employment, because they needed to take time off to care for the children and deal with emergencies.

Children served by Kinship Support Services are from birth to 18, or up to age 22 if they have special needs. Many are siblings all in the care of one couple or one extended family member. The children have often been abused, neglected and/or abandoned or are in the situation due to issues affecting their parents’ abilities to cope, such as substance abuse or mental health issues. Many were born suffering from the effects of drugs and/or alcohol while their mother was pregnant, and most have been bounced around between several homes and/or may have been in and out of the foster care system.

KID staff works with the entire family group, not just the children, and individualizes services to meet the needs of them all. We focus heavily on what the caregivers tell us they really need – whether it be respite care, enabling the caregiver to take a break or Flex Funds to provide extras like activity fees, band uniforms, tutoring, field trips, etc. for their children.


HEART LogoHEART is a nationwide, 5-year study with the goal of finding new ways to provide services to families at-risk for homelessness and involved in the child welfare system. Funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families, each study site was given $1 million per year to fund the project. KID was one of only five agencies across the nation to be selected to participate in this prestigious study.

To learn more about this groundbreaking study, read our HEART Alliance Information Sheet.

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Homeless children and families face hardships like distressful housing, employment and economic challenges, and emotional stressors such as trauma, mental health disorders, substance abuse and domestic violence.

HEART is designed to reduce homelessness and child welfare contacts while increasing healthy parenting, family emotional coping, family employment, financial management and housing stability through a robust array of integrated services. The HEART collaborative offers a wealth of child and family human service experience in program planning, development, implementation and management in Broward County.


The HEART local evaluation utilizes a true experimental design with randomized treatment and control groups. After a year of strategizing, convening, organizing and planning with the HEART Alliance partners, HEART began taking referrals.

Referrals meeting criteria are presented to KID and the HEART Alliance by ChildNet and BSO. If deemed eligible by further standards, the list of potential candidates are sent to the Technical Assistance Team from Urban Institute in Washington DC, for the randomization process.

Those placed into the treatment group receive a housing voucher and wraparound services. Those placed into the control group are contacted by Evaluation Teams from Urban Institute and Barry University to participate in the study.

The HEART Alliance has placed 54 families into homes.


Families that were randomized and selected for the study, received a housing voucher provided by various Broward County Housing Authorities. Each family was helped to find suitable housing, and the HEART team worked with landlords and realtors to locate properties that accept vouchers and helped the families set up their homes with furniture and household goods. Each family received a welcome basket that included basic cleaning and household items.

Once the families have been stabilized in homes, they receive wraparound services that include:

  • Clinical case management, crisis interventions and therapeutic interventions administered for any issues or trauma that the client experienced
  • Financial readiness and employment skill building to help make each family more self-sufficient.
  • Legal services to primarily assist with housing issues and any legal issue that arises, like divorce or child support.
  • Access to health seminars such as heart health, diabetes, wellness care, accident prevention, immunizations, and more.
  • Domestic violence and substance abuse interventions as needed

KID_Healthy FamiliesKID Healthy Families is a community-based voluntary home visiting program with the goal of promoting positive parent/child interaction and healthy child development while reducing the occurrence of abuse. Modeled after the highly successful National Healthy Families Initiative, services are offered during pregnancy and to families with children up to 5 years old.


KID_Healthy StartKID Healthy Start provides expectant mothers and women with children up to age 3 with the resources, support, and education they need to ensure health and well-being. KID Healthy Start also provides counseling to at-risk clients with the goals of reducing infant mortality, disease, low birth weight, and pre-term birth while improving pregnancy and child development. Referrals can be made by calling (954) 390-7654, x1131.

KID_Safe VisitDuring difficult transition periods, the KID Safe Visitation program provides a safe and positive way for children to visit with their parents. The program offers court-ordered supervised visitation services for families with custody issues, families whose children have been removed from their home, families at risk for child abuse and neglect, and families in crisis. KID requires parents to complete an intake interview and monitors interactions.

Referrals for KID Safe Visitation can be made through ChildNet. Please contact (954) 414-6000 for additional information