Shining a Spotlight on the KID Dental Clinic


Toddler smiling while brushing her teeth

Why does Kids in Distress have a Dental Clinic? 
Although many of our families qualify for Medicaid, there are only a handful of dentists who actually accept Medicaid, making it incredibly difficult for parents to access quality dental care for their children. Because of this, many of the children that we care for have rampant tooth decay. Once decay has set in, the child must receive a root canal and crown in order to save the tooth! Medicaid did not always cover these procedures which resulted in an extraction as the only alternative. This is not the best practice dentally; however, when you cannot afford the best option, then extraction is your only choice. Today, KID Dental offers Endodontic services for our children! This year, we have already seen 2,181 unduplicated patients and completed 4,270 appointments.